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Teaching English with vox pops 🎤

5 December 2017

Vox pops videos can transform your Business English classroom The term vox pop comes from the Latin term vox populi, meaning voice of the people. In...

Teaching Grammar: Classroom choices

22 November 2017

A while ago I came across an infographic which claimed that teachers make, on average, 1500 educational decisions a day. Over a six-hour teaching...

Everyday development activities for busy teachers | Learning in the rush | Q&A

20 November 2017

It was great to see so many of you in the webinars. Once again, I think its evidence that so many teachers are incredibly committed to what they do,...

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Teaching Grammar: Classroom choices

13th or 14th December 2017


Do you speak Emoji?

17th - 18th January 2018


This webinar will open the door to activities - from speaking and writing to grammar and vocabulary.

Using games for win-win learning

13th - 15th February 2018


Dice, dominoes, board games, card games, action games, treasure hunts – games and gamelike activities can all add competition, collaboration and...

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Business English dictionaries: do we need them?

How specialist English dictionaries can be helpful for both teachers and students.

CEFR in Primary

The CEFR is learner centred, promotes learner autonomy, and places an emphasis on self-assessment and the concept of life long learning.

The Common European Framework: 'For' and 'Against'

Read the summary of the points raised at the recent ELT Journal/IATEFL Debate.

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